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T Clemente Band: Bio

T Clemente Band released their latest album" Lost In Time", performed a number of songs from this album at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz as they opened up for the great Y & T Band.

Teaming up again in producing this all original song/music album, consist of the amazing musical talent of Robert Berry's arrangements, keyboards, bass & guitar works with Teddy Clemente's song writing & lead guitar works, heavily influenced by some the great rock artists. Together we worked hard to keep that vintage 70's & 80's Rock style sound.

With the awesome drum work by David Lauser and the amazing voice of Amanda Dieck, all together we now have a 2014 Vintage Style Rock album.

T Clemente Band - Live

Amanda Dieck - Lead Vocals, Dave Muhoberac - Lead Vocals, Teddy Clemente - Lead Guitar & back up vocals. Mark Crissman - back up vocals, Jesus Garcia - Drums, Harold Martin - Bass Guitar, Jeff Mayer - Guitars Bryan Yoshida - Keyboards,  Sound Engineers: Miki Hall, Keith Pechar, Mike O'Brien, Stage Managers: Cookie Crissman & Julian Chan Photos/Videos & Equipment: Andre & Micah Clemente, Roger Jennings

Teddy Clemente - Immigrated from Cavity City, Philippines in 1981. 5 years later became a US Citizen . Occupation: Process Control & Industrial Automation Engineer / Electrical Contractor. Always enjoy listening to Rock Music because of the US Military Base & Community in Cavite. Deep Purple/Machine Head was my 1st Rock album. I was very impressed with Ritchie Blackmore's guitar works. Then I discovered other great guitar players: Santana, Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci, Michael Schenker, Ronnie Montrose, Joe Satriani + more & the rest is history. Start writing my own music in the early 80's. Tried to do something with them & joined a band but, didn't go anywhere. Took a very long break in my guitar playing & music writing, sold all my equipment & never got back to it until 2000. My friend & co-worker Oai Lam wanted to do something special for our Y2k New Year's Resolution, he wanted to get his pilot license (he got it) & after thinking about it for awhile. That's when I felt & decided to resurect my passion for music. I always love listening to almost all types of music & have a very wide range of styles & types. Rock Music is always been my style of playing. January 2000, start writing songs/music again, bought my guitars & equipment & start recording in my home studio. Got introduced to Soundtek Studio in Campbell, Ca. sometime in 2004 by my friend Mark Crissman, where my 1st Studio CD, 6 instrumental & 1 song called "Let It Shine" was recorded & mixed under the project I named "Created by Influence" & the album title is "Let It Shine", Thom Duell on vocals. Now, that I know I have a singer for my songs, I immediately started working on the next albums. I have roughly about 60 plus songs & music all written since 2000, just need finishing touches & there will be more to add as I continue have new ideas, influences & inspirations going through my head all the time. I was very fortunate to work with 3 very talented people in the music industry: Robert Berry, Thom Duell & David Lauser to help me put my albums together. Including: "Take The Shot" album (2005) & "Illusions" album (2008), still the 4 of us involved but now under the name "T Clemente Band". Thom Duell on lead vocals, guitars, bass, arrangements & recording/mixing, Robert Berry on b/u vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, arrangements & recording/mixing, David Lauser on drums & Teddy Clemente - song writer, arrangements, b/u vocals, rhythm, acoustic & lead guitars.

Amanda Dieck - the new lead singer for the T Clemente Band. She has this beautiful but yet so powerful voice that fits the T Clemente Band music very well. Thom Duell has to leave for a very special project but still one of the advisors for the band's music.

We performed at a number of venues in the bay area like San Mateo County Fair, Alameda County Fair, California State Fair, Palo Alto World Music Day, Rock It Room - SF, Emergenza Festival, Mighty - SF, C & J Sports Bar, Six Flags - Vallejo, Great America - Santa Clara, Troop Fest, Netos, Willow Den - San Jose & more..

TClemente Music - is all about life, our children, our environment and our world spiced up with rock music influenced by great rock artists. We also encourage people to speak their minds & don't hold back. If you don't like what you hear or see on what's going on in this world, you need to express yourself, ............we do.

What's with the Illusion Cover - Earth & Skull image. Basically is what will happen to our world if we don't improve our ways & make changes to our lives, the way we take care & support our children, our environment, political & corporate money & power driven policies, lies, & so on.
But the back of our cover shows the light shining on a flower which gives us hope if we all work together and make the changes …. now.